The project aims at achieving:

  • Establishment of a platform with a hybrid blockchain architecture that provides scalable, energy-efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving services;
  • Implementation of application service components to advertise, tender, and transact resources the applications supply or demand, to adjust to changes in supply and demand, and to work within specific and aggregate resource budgets;
  • Evaluation of the applicability of the platform in the following use cases: (1) accountable data exchange in the industry of the future, (2) electricity consumption control and tariffing, and (3) communication service resource market.

In a first phase, the architecture of the modular, flexible platform with hybrid blockchain technology will be designed and implemented. Using the selected use cases, requirements for interface functionality and quantitative requirements for system dimensioning will be derived. In a second phase, the core mechanisms of the platform will be implemented. An evaluation workbench will be realized, which will be used to perform scalability experiments of different configurations of the platform, and to test the application service components. In a third phase, the use-case specific instances of the platform with be set up and assessed, and demonstrators will be set up for supporting take-up of the results.