SCHEIF - Smart Cyber-pHysIcal Environments for Industry of the Future

In this project, we will work on enablers for highly automated plants that will drastically change the fabrication process in future Industry. We will propose a model that is affordable for small series fabrication and thus will be especially beneficial for SME and innovation businesses.

The objective of this project is to design and implement (as a prototype) a framework that enables decentralized Cyber-Physical Environments (D-CPE). The project targets the following goals:

  • Adaptive distributed computation
  • Low-latency and reliable machine interaction
  • Decentralized decision-making: the D-CPE takes decision on its own, yet allowing delegation. adaptation to provide
  • Extendable and reconfigurable: adaptable to different environments.
  • Interoperable: machines discover, connect and communicate based on open Internet-of-Things (IoT) Application Programming Interfaces (API)s In addition to these main goals, we will collaborate with other partners (from the academy and outside) to provide hybrid-level automation (robots interact and coordinate with humans) and secured and resilient features to guarantee industry-grade cyber-security protection.

More information on SCHEIF can be found on the project webpage