IMT-TUM Joint Platform

Joint Platform and Tools for Artificial Intelligence based on Data-Intensive Research and Data Governance.

IMT and TUM are creating a joint platform that combines and enhances existing infrastructure and services, with an IMT-TUM TeraLab, by enriching AlgoFab catalog with shared access to infrastructure at IMT and TUM. Best current practice examples from selected research and educational projects will demonstrate and explain usage of the joint platform and services.

The project aims to support collaboration in many dimensions, by making effective collaboration easier and simple to set up, by facilitating continuation of collaboration beyond the lifetime of individual projects, and by providing support for integrating new partners.

The project addresses dimensions of joint operation of a research IT platform of IMT and TUM with the goal of improving research, innovation and education. These dimensions are hardware, software, data (research data and metadata), services, procedures on how to use them, policies (including access control, authorization of use, terms of usage, costs), documentation on the platform, and published research artifacts (articles, code, data).


This project addresses the following set of goals in order to establish a platform for joint usage.

  • Merging TUM infrastructure power and IMT TeraLab Platform capabilities on providing a safe, trusted, neutral and sovereign service
  • Presenting and giving access in a safe environment to AI APIs and open data in order to have external access and demos to the IMT & TUM researchers
  • Supporting research by better reproducibility of the research results, thereby also improving visibility and impact of the research artifacts (in particular articles, code, data)
  • Establishing a framework with best current practice examples and process documentation for collaborative research and education projects