ASSET - Towards a Secure Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a promising technology, interconnecting machines, sensors, actuators, and other devices on the Internet. The trend is to make the network smart enough to manage auto-configuration, self-adaptation, self-healing, and to perform intelligent routing. The standards and current research in the Internet of Things enable application of this technology to domains such as smart cities, the smart grid, and Industry 4.0. However, the IoT can only be densely deployed if the associated technologies are secured. This project investigates new solutions to enhance security of the Internet of Things and strengthen its resilience against cyber-attacks.


The goal of the project is to investigate and develop solutions for the technical, physical and organizational security concerns that cut across the three research themes. IoT cyber protection mechanisms that enforce security requirements, including cryptographic authentication, authorization and communication protocols and supporting secure dynamic coalitions of users with (potentially long-lived) IoTs. IoT cyber defense techniques for detecting, measuring and reasoning about, and acting upon threats, including machine learning techniques for IoT anomaly detection and automated defense in depth. Methods for IoT cyber resilience that enable a system to continue to operate, to an acceptable degree, from a partially compromised state, including moving target defenses and resilience in the presence of malware infection.