SeCIF - Secured communications for industry of the future

Secure communication in the context of the industry of the future (“IoF”, or so called Industry 4.0 in the German terminology) calls for the design of transmission mechanisms that meet new prescribed trade-offs between high efficiency, high reliability, and very low latency on a large scale basis. In parallel, the challenge posed by the security threats in the IoT and IoF contexts is crucial. This goes both in terms of securing privacy-preserving communication links as protecting the radio devices themselves from compromising attacks The questions as to “how to achieve the high performance communications needs of future industrial IoT” as well as “Are communication devices protected enough from external attacks” to “how can IoT radio devices be made more secure” lie at the heart of this project.

The project investigates

  • Efficient communications in the Internet of Things (IoT) context
  • Machine learning approaches for communication systems
  • Joint sensing and Communications
  • Security in the Internet of Things (IoT) context

More information on SeCIF can be found on the project webpage