ASSET Meeting at Rennes

Monday, October 1st

  • 10:00-11:45: Renzo Navas' PhD: First Results Presentation and discussion. "A MTD Strategy: Secure Spreading Codes for Wireless Communications" [Slides]
  • 11:45–12:15 Demonstration of attacks against industrial control systems (Fabien Autrel and Roberto Bastos)
  • 14:00–14:30 Network slicing for 5G: survey and challenges (Luis Suarez)
  • 14:30–15:00 Security issues in Internet of Persons, Things and Services (Marco Come-Lobe) [Slides]
  • 15:00–15:30 A survey of USB related attacks and design of a filtering module (Xiaoshu Ji)
  • 16:00–16:30 Hardware attacks and software induced HW attacks (Georg Sigl) [Slides]
  • 16:30–17:00 Measurements of Trustworthy Networked Systems (Georg Carle)
  • 17:00–17-30 Blacklisting in IEEE 802.15.4 Networks (Georgios Papadopoulos) [Slides]

Tuesday, October 2nd

Internal discussion took place on the morning of 2nd of October

  • 12:00-12:15 Object security for LPWAN (Laurent Toutain)
  • 14:15-14:45 Diagnostic techniques for security and safety threats in ICS (Edwin Bourget) [Slides]
  • 14:45-15:15 Resilience in Critical Infrastructures (Thomas Clédel) [Slides]

German-French Academy at Vivatech 2018

May 24-26 2018, Paris

From 24 to 26 May Viva Technology, the world's rendezvous for startups & leaders and one of the biggest technology trade fairs of Europe, took place in Paris, France. Opened by Emanuel Macron, during these 3 days, more than 100 000 visitors were able to meet around 8000 startups, 1900 investors and high-ranking representatives of politics and economy.

The TUM-IMT German-French Academy was present with its own exhibition booth showcasing technology startups coming from the context and the proximity of the Academy. Among our guests were Florence Parly, French Minister of the Armed Forces and Bruno le Maire, French Minister of the Economy.

Second TUM-EURECOM workshop on communications and security

The 2nd TUM-EURECOM Workshop took place on May 16-17 2018 in Munich. Researchers from Prof. Gesbert’s group at EURECOM did exchange ideas on communications and machine learning with SeCIF project members from the reserach groups of Prof. Kramer and Prof. Utschick at TUM. Presentations and talks included:

  • Joint Sensing and Communications in UAV Networks (Prof. Mari Kobayashi, TUM)
  • Learning the MMSE Channel Estimator and Compressed Measurements (Michael Koller, TUM)
  • Distributed Compressed Sensing with One-Bit Measurements and Hard Thresholding (Lars Palzer, TUM) [Slides]
  • Achieving Centralized Interference Reduction with Decentralized Precoding in Broadcast Channels (Dr. Paul de Kerret, EURECOM) [Slides]
  • Deep Learning aided Wireless Communication Systems (Dr. Minhoe Kim, EURECOM) [Slides]
  • A Bilinear Equalizer for Massive MIMO Systems (Dr. Michael Joham, TUM) [Slides]

ASSET Workshop at TUM

Also see information on EI SEC

Track 1: Cyber protection solutions for IoT

  • 9:00 Laser- and EM-induced fault instruction skips injection into micro controllers (J.-M. Dutertre)
  • 9:30 Effectiveness of practical Fault Injection Attacks using Lasers (Bodo Selmke)
  • 10:00 Exploiting Bus Communication to Improve Cache Attacks on Systems-on-Chips (Mathieu Gross) [Slides]

Track 2: Cyber defense solutions for IoT

  • 11:00 Presentation PhD thesis (Renzo Navas) [Slides]
  • 11:30 Post-quantum security: NTRU case (Thomas Schamberger)
  • 12:00 Decentralized access controls (Simon Foley) [Slides]
  • 12:30 Secure Multiparty Computation in the Internet of Things (Marcel von Maltitz) [Slides]

Internal tracks took place on 15th of March and in the afternoon of 16th of March.

First TUM-EURECOM workshop on communications and security

The 1st TUM-EURECOM Workshop on Communications and Security takes place on December 14-15 2017.

The group of Prof. Kramer (Rana Ali Amjad), Prof. Utschick (Dr. Michael Joham), and Prof. Gesbert (Dr. Paul de Kerret) are jointly organizing this workshop in the context of the joint French-German Academy project SeCIF.

See details here

Towards Blockchain Technologies and Beyond

Telecom ParisTech – Amphitheater Emeraude – October 4th, 2016

  • 14:00 – Welcoming address
    Francis Jutand (Deputy Executive Director, IMT)
  • 14:10 – Economic perspectives on the Blockchain
    Patrick Waelbroeck (Professor, Telecom ParisTech)
  • 14:35 – Applications of Blockchain technology in distribution grid energy management
    Jose Horta (Ph.D. Candidate EDF/Telecom ParisTech)
  • 15: 15 – Blockchain for Smart Territories – SystemX Project
    Charles Kremer (Smart Territories Program Director, IRT SystemX)
    Eric Thea (Smart Territories Program Architect, IRT SystemX)
  • 15:45 – Coffee break
  • 16:00 – Hybrid architectures: Combining Blockchain technology with blind signatures
    Georg Carle (Professor, Technical University of Munich),
    Sree Harsha Totakura (Ph.D. Candidate, Technical University of Munich)
  • 16:40 – Blockchain, a profit electrical and technological engine? Ideas for a second generation
    Pascal Urien (Professor, Telecom ParisTech)
  • 17:05 – Blockchain: questioning some underlying security assumptions
    Romain Alleaume (Associate Professor, Telecom ParisTech)
  • 17:30 – Panel session
  • 18:30 – Conclusion
    Gerard Memmi (Professor, Telecom ParisTech)