German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future

Bring new paradigms of the industry of the future

In the framework of the partnership between the French Alliance for Industry of the Future and the German platform Industrie 4.0, IMT (IMT) and Technische Universität München (TUM) decided to create a German-French Academy for Industry of the Future.

Within the framework of the academy, IMT and TUM will be able to move up a gear, develop projects already underway, and initiate new projects related to research and training.

Research projects

Thanks to the endowment granted by the French government and TUM, a first round of initiated projects are active. Additionally, the exploration of a second round of projects related to the next phase for the Academy will start around further shared domains such as artificial intelligence, advanced materials, 3D printing, energy efficiency, design and industrial logistics.

Summer schools

Topics of the summer school program include

  • connected vehicles and digital routes
  • human factors and cooperative design systems

Launch of the blended learning program

It will be based on modules (remote/classroom) providing enhanced digital education for industry executives and building knowledge of the Industry of the Future. The program aims to offer an “Industry of the Future” micro-master certificate.